decorative heading highlight graphicWhy Your Advisor Uses IFG

As an independent broker-dealer, we provide our advisors the services, technology, operational infrastructure, and freedom of products to make sound investment recommendations and build solid financial plans that are truly in their client's best interest.

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  • Communication and Service. Our team supports your advisor so they can serve you and ensure that you understand every investment decision made on your behalf.
  • Access to Leading Investment Companies. IFG advisors have the tools and research necessary to provide the highest-quality investment solutions.
  • Product Availability. Our relationships with some of the world's premier financial companies give your advisor access to a wide range of non-proprietary products to meet your financial needs.
  • Risk Management. Our risk management, due diligence, and supervisory services are designed to support your long-term financial success.

Committed to Your Long-Term Financial Success

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The world of investing offers incredible opportunities along with an array of complex options. What if you had a knowledgeable and experienced partner standing by your side to guide you through the maze of your financial investments? Get connected with an IFG advisor today.

The Investor

Our advisors provide their clients with investment advice, free from sales pressure that isn't in the best interest of the client. This translates into long-lasting relationships built on unique levels of trust.

  • Accounts Nationwide
  • Assets Under Advisement
  • Offices Across the U.S.
  • 1 -The Client

    More than 200,000 accounts nationwide are managed by our advisors, collectively overseeing over $30 billion in assets under advisement.

  • 2 - The Advisor

    More than 625 affiliated in 500+ offices across the country offer professional advice and investments, encompassing mutual funds, annuities, life insurance, fee-based asset management, direct participation programs, stocks, and bonds, without any proprietary products or service influence, granting access to the nation's leading investment companies.

  • 3 - The Broker-Dealer

    As a full-service, national independent broker-dealer firm, we provide service and support to the IFG advisor, and we are a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).

  • 4 - The Clearing Firm

    For nearly 80 years, Pershing, a division of BNY Mellon, has offered securities clearing services to top financial institutions worldwide, serving a network of 1,400 clients representing over $1.8 trillion in global assets, known for safeguarding clients' interests and delivering innovative solutions.